Your Magic is You

Your Magic is You

“Sometimes I dream, that he is me, You got to see that’s how I dream to be, I dream I move, I dream I groove, Like Mike, if I could be like Mike.”
- “Be Like Mike,”, Gatorade Commercial, 1991

Magic is that special something. It’s a feeling you can’t quite explain that takes a product or a person from good to great, from want to need, from admiration to infatuation. It’s an energy. It’s intangible. It’s emotional. It’s premium-worthy. It’s honest. It’s simple. It’s generous. It’s beautiful to watch and effortless to enjoy. Everyone wants it, even those who don’t understand it. And once you have it, nothing else is ever the same.

Practically, magic is the core energy behind a business, person, or idea. And because there’s only one you, your magic is as unique as you are. Peter Thiel explains this phenomenon as follows: “Every moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won’t create a social network. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them.” To manifest magic, you shouldn’t imitate those who came before. Instead, you must discover, manifest, and share what makes you—and only you—exceptional.

This is the opposite of what popular culture tells us. The media says “Be Like Mike,” look like Kim, dance like Justin, play like LeBron, and create like Jobs. While it makes for great advertising and entertainment, it’s terrible advice for achieving unbelievable success. When you try to replicate someone else’s path, not only are you being inauthentic, you’re commoditizing yourself. You’re making yourself or your company less valuable by allowing yourself to become indistinguishable from your competition. LeBron is different from Mike, Snapchat is different from Facebook, and Musk is different from Jobs, and while they all were influenced by each other, their individuality is what made them extraordinary and valuable.

Manifesting magic is a distinctly human ability. Rather than following our predetermined instincts for survival like other species, we’ve been blessed with the ability to innovate and create. Through creativity, hard work, and self-discovery, we can manifest unbelievable things where nothing existed before. Combine that ability with your core energy and you’ll begin capitalizing on the lifelong competitive advantage of being you.

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