The Age of Ideas

In the Western world, most individuals run their lives focused solely on meeting their financial needs, and most organizations are making decisions solely from their P&Ls. Traditionally, there’s little or no value placed on the intangible emotional elements, even as they become more powerful and valuable every single day. The creatives and entrepreneurs who harness these elements everyday are often dismissed solely because what they do can’t be easily valued and explained. But in the modern market it’s these creatives and entrepreneurs who have the ability to change the performance of a business purely by using their imagination. But it doesn't stop there. The same truth applies our personal lives. Once we’ve met our basic needs—safety, security, sustenance, and shelter—it’s those same emotional elements, not material wealth, that determine our level of fulfillment. This parallel truth— that unbelievable achievement and lasting fulfillment for both individuals and organizations comes from understanding and harnessing of the emotional elements of life— is what this book is all about. Welcome to the Age of Ideas.


How much is a two-hundred-dollar Nike sneaker worth if you remove the Swoosh? Twenty dollars? Ten? The Swoosh is a visual representation of Nike’s magic, the special something that makes them great. Magic is a feeling you can’t quite explain that takes a product or a person from good to great, from want to need, from admiration to infatuation. It’s an energy. It’s intangible. It’s emotional. It’s premium worthy. It’s honest. It’s simple. It’s generous. It’s beautiful to watch and effortless to enjoy. Everyone wants it, even those who don’t understand it. And once you have it, nothing else is ever the same. In part one of our book we explain what magic is, share stories of prolific magic makers like Walt Disney, Ian Schrager, and James Jebbia of Supreme, and give you the "Magic Formula" so you can begin to unlock your magic and share it with the world.


What would you do if you were going to die tomorrow? What would be important to you? If it is different than what you are doing today, then you are not fully living your truth and manifesting your best work. To discover your purpose and share it with the world you must understand and connect to your internal self. Connecting to your purpose and manifesting a reflection of it will supercharge your success and fulfillment. How you feel, what’s deeply important to you, what makes you uniquely you, when you combine this self awareness with strategic self less sharing the unbelievable begins to happen. In part two of the book we lead you on the journey to discovering your purpose and share stories and methods from prolific magic makers like music producer Rick Rubin, chef Ferran Adria, and brands from Sweetgreen, Kith, and Ikea. We combine these modern stories with timeless wisdom and modern marketing strategy to create a practical framework for effectively sharing your magic with the world.


First principles are defined as fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based. Underlying our ever-evolving pursuit of magic is a platform of foundation beliefs, made up of laws of nature, humanity, and creation that apply to everything that happens on our journey. We call these the Rules of Magic, and they’re our core beliefs. While all great creators define their beliefs through experience, we think this wisdom should be shared from the start so that you have the opportunity to rise higher, faster, whether or not you had the exposure to natural advantages like higher education or really wonderful parents. In part three of the book we share these rules with you through anecdotes with prolific creators like Elon Musk, Picasso, Oprah, Sarah Blakely, Danny Bowien, and Tom Brady, and encourage you to test the rules, and make them your own, applying them in the way that best suits your pursuit of magic.